• You CAN enjoy a tipple in Jan!

    We have the answer to guilt free cocktails this month!


    So, the festivities have finished, the decorations have come down and we’re all feeling slightly lethargic with the January blues setting in. We feel pressure to get those running trainers out and feel ashamed if we let anything but green leaves pass our lips…but guess what, we have a tip or two to get you through.

    It’s no secret that at Tipple and Toast we love a cocktail and we’re ‘top dollar’ at making them too! All you have to do is hire us and we’ll make your cocktail dreams come true (Yes, this might sound cheesy but there’s no other way to put it…we will! And the rhyming just happened by lucky chance!)


  • Celebrate with Champagne Cocktails!

    Let’s drink champagne cocktails

    and dance on the tables!

    Happy New Year everyone! With all the New Year celebrations it’s got us thinking about the best drinks to have when celebrating that big occasion. At Tipple & Toast we do love a good glass of ice cold champagne, it definitely can’t be beaten when it comes to pushing the boat out for that special event. Not only that, we are huge fans of a tasty cocktail, and let’s face it, who isn’t?! Cue sophisticated decadence, combine the two and voilà!…here’s our take on the top 3 champagne cocktails: (more…)