In The Beginning…

“Our Vintage Mobile Bar Adventure Begins!”

The idea of starting our own vintage mobile bar, Tipple & Toast, was born shortly after our own wedding. Having opted for a DIY wedding, we spent 12 months planning every detail of our special day, determined to make it as relaxed and personal to us as possible. The setting was a picturesque village hall close to where we lived and only two minutes walk away from the church we were married in. We chose a rustic country theme to complement the setting and spent hours trawling the internet for ideas to match our vision for the day. Looking back at our day, we really wouldn’t change a thing, it truly was the best day of our lives! That said, we also remember the stresses involved in the planning and organisation leading up to the day, all be it, a hazy memory now, completely outweighed by the amazing day itself.

One of the things we found incredibly difficult to find was a vintage mobile bar, we had a good idea of what we were after and searched high and low for a mobile bar with a certain rustic vintage feel. We got to a point where we had to start looking further afield and that’s when we realised there was a gap in the market. Aside from the wedding itself (obviously!), we felt the bar was up there on the list of ‘top things to have’ and dreaded the idea of Uncle Bob trying to dance the night away on just a few glasses of fizzy pop!!

So, after all the excitement of the day had settled down and we made our way to Anglesey for our relaxing  ‘Mini-Moon’ we started to ponder on what the future would hold for us now that we didn’t have a wedding to plan and occupy all our time! We spent the week in a lakeside log cabin enjoying the hot tub and plenty of champagne! And that’s when we started to dream up the idea of Tipple & Toast….soaking in bubbles at the same time as drinking them seemed to spark off our creative and ambitious sides (we really should do it more often!). It was an exciting time for us both, planning our future with a vintage mobile bar business starting to form on the horizon.

“Once Upon a time there was a boy who loved a girl, and her laughter was a question he wanted to spend his whole life answering” Nicole Krauss

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